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N/A £25


From 1 hour

We have a range of session options available:

Taster sessions are approximately 1 hours 30 min

Taster Courses consist of 3 1 hour 30 min sessions

Our play round work sessions are 1 hour long

We have Sup Safer courses available which are 4 hour

For all our sessions we ask if you can arrive 15-20 minutes early to prepare for the session. We have group sessions, pairs sessions and 1-1 sessions available so please contact us for more information.

Whether you have stood on a Paddleboard before or not we have an option for you! Using our range of boards we are able to advise the best equipment to make your learning enjoyable and progressing to your goals easy.

We can cover:

Board set up

Paddle set up

Safety equipment

Water conditions

Suitable weather conditions

Getting on the board safely

Paddling kneeling and standing

Turning the board

Environmental affects on the board and paddler

Introduction and Improve your skills

JETA is now a British Canoeing Stand up Paddleboarding Safer course provider! This course is oppen to all ages and abilities and is designed to help you improve your understanding of safety whilst out paddleboarding.

The course lasts approximately 4 hours and is run in sheltered water envriomnents were you will learn about potential hazards and preparing yourself to deal with them.

The course has 4 modules:

The SUP Environment

Enviroment and Weather


Safety on the Water

SUP Safer Courses

Contact Us

Paddleboarding group (3 to 5 people)

Taster session £25 per person

Taster Course £60 per person

Paddleboarding pairs

Taster session £30 per person

Taster Course £60 per person

1-1 coaching

Taster session £50 per person

Taster Course £140 per person

Sup Safer Courses

£90 per person


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