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Operation Hideout




4 Hours

Do you think you have what it takes to beat the hunters in our new tactical planning game - Operation Hideout?

Join individually or create your own team (of 5) to take part in our 3 hour game. Those who join individually will be formed into teams prior to the event.

Operation Hideout is our new adrenalin-filled game of hide and seek as you make your way back to base from an undisclosed starting location. Hiding teams are made up of up to 5 participants, with hunting teams in pairs.

The full event is planned to start at 18:00 and finish between 21:30 and 22:00. 

Had a fantastic time, James was really friendly and knowledgeable, absolutely loved it. The concept is brilliant, so much fun would highly recommend - Adele


Hiding teams start by being dropped off at an unknown location and, working together, must pave a way back to base using a map and walk (or run!) to reach the end without being caught by the Hunters. Skills needed to succeed in this game are teamwork, communication, map reading and the ability to run like mad if you see a Hunter!

It was very fun and we were all able to work together and find good routes to avoid hunters - Darcy


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Meanwhile, the Hunting teams will be made up of a runner and a driver.  This group has the access to a car and the roads. The runner still need to get out of the car and tag the Hiders but they will stop at nothing to catch the hiding teams. Skills needed to succeed in this game are a drivers license/ licensed driver at the wheel, communication, map reading, listening and the ability to run like mad if you see a Hider.  

Had great fun reading the map and working out where the team would be - Arieanne


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