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Mountain Days




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Have you or someone you know ever dreamed of climbing a mountain? Do you have a specific mountain in mind or you want to complete your goal to say you have climbed one we can help.

Whether you have your own group or you're looking to join onto one of our open expeditions you will find out about our options below.

Our advisory kit list is available under the Useful Resources section at the bottom of the page.

Route choices are determained about your groups ability, age and any requirements you tell us about.

Quality Mountain Days are just that, a full day in the mountain. Technically challenging for all participants, expect sore legs in the morning. 

With hopes of a clear summit, there should be some amazing views on route as well as the chosen peak. 

Quality Mountain Days

Do you have a group of friends who would like to climb a mountain? Or would you like to join in on one of our Open Group Quality Mountain Days. Both options are available during the summer months from April to September.

We plan our open events once we have someone interested in taking part so contact us below if you're interested!

Tell us what you know and we can work out the rest of the details!

Open and Closed Group Expeditions

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Want to up your skills in route planning, navigation and much more? Our mountain skills courses will help you plan and follow routes you design for your future expeditions.

Why not camp at the start or finish point to give a more relaxed feel to your expedition. Camping in the mountains is a completely different experience that we definitely advise everyone tries at least once in their lives!

Our Wild camping spots consist of suitable tarns on or near the planned routes, meaning you start and finish at the same car park.

Wild Camp and Expedition skills

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