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Expedition Skills




Day/Multi Day activity

In our expedition skills courses we are able to cover; suitable equipment, preparing for an expedition, basic, moderate and advanced navigation, camp craft and cooking on expeditions.

We offer:

Day training walks

Bespoke and personalised programmes

Overnight training expeditions

Activities are planned to be suitable for all ages and experience

Day walks and multi-day expeditions will teach a large collection of skills and techniques. Our bespoke training programmes will be personalised to your needs so you get the training you require.

We can provide a recommended equipment list if required - we can also provide cooking equipment and tents for overnight expeditions however we advise you practice with your personal kit to familiarise yourself with how it works.

Please Contact us for more information

Bespoke and Personalised Programmes

Day walks are designed to teach and improve navigation techniques, understanding a map and ground movement skills

Day training can be run throughout different terrain, involving differing grades of navigation skills.

We can provide a recommended equipment list if required

Please Contact us for more information

Training Day Hikes

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Ideal for groups with basic knowledge in navigation and camp craft. 

Overnight expeditions can be wild camping or on a camp site - it depends on your requirements

We can provide camping equipment - tents and cooking stoves

Overnight Training Expeditions

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