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ZipChips - the pocket frisbee review

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

First thoughts

Small, compact

Intrigued by the claims if it flying 65 meters

Nice simple packaging - no plastic and all recyclable

Nice range of colours

First test

Sophie and I took the ZipChip in the garden. Our first few throws weren’t the most accurate but once we realised it was just like skimming a stone it got much better. The disk isn’t too heavy and is a comfortable size to throw with a lip all the way around to put your index finger into.

The throw is achieved by keeping your arm straight with a flick of your wrist. The disk then flies with a slight looping direction and if you release it flat it flies straight.

Whilst out on a Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition, I gave it to the group. They thoroughly enjoyed playing catch and making up their own games using it. This kept them active for hours! Their main comment was however the blue disk wasn’t the easiest to find in hedges or long grass so they were really interested in the other colour options - Orange and Yellow would be better options.

As it is made from high grade silicone gel and is flexible I decided to play catch with Spark (my dog) on the beach. We had a great time until Spark learned the disk doesn’t float in water! Just something to look out for if you’re planning to play on the beach or besides any water. Also I’d not advise for any dog larger than a cocker spaniel - Spark is a Sprocker so is slightly larger and he can fit the disk inside his mouth - any dog larger it could be a choking hazard.

Things I like

Great pocket sized frisbee

Interesting colour options

Easy to use with all ages

Hours of fun

Not so much

I am yet to see it fly 65+m

Sad to see they have stopped producing the white Glow in the Dark option


The ZipChips are a great pocket sized toy that anyone can use. It is simple and there are hours worth of fun to be had anywhere there is some space.

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