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OCÚN Tsunami 1 month review

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

As you may have guessed this is a COVID Christmas Present so 1 month on what's it like?

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First Thoughts

The Tsunami is an ergonomic cut climbing down jacket with 650 cuin fill. Available in 3 colour options Dark Blue/Rooibos Tea, Picante/Chocolate or the test colour of Enamel Blue/Dark Blue. The Enamel blue was the brightest colour of the three options and is a very nice colour combination. It is very lightweight at only 370g and packs away into an internal pocket.

The jacket has 2 external and 1 internal pockets, also including climbing shoe pockets inside to keep them warm. OCÚN claim that due to it being filled after stitching this stops the jacket losing down. The jacket also has Double Water Repellent (DWR) technology so moisture is prevented from penetrating the down.

The zip is 2 way so it can be more practical - especially for climbers! Talking about climbers, the material choice is ultra light rip stop chosen for the rigorous terrain you may encounter. Having longer sleeves with holes for thumbs is a nice addition to keep your palms warm but still enable arm movement.


The Jacket is warm - obviously very important, the down jacket has been comfortably warm throughout January, even when it got damp during showers

Comfortable - the ergonomic fit feels comfortable around your body with very few baggy areas but nowhere too tight

Lightweight - whilst wearing the jacket it is so lightweight that you hardly notice it and it is much lighter than most of my fleeces available and considerately warmer

Space underneath - talking about fleeces when the temperature was below freezing (-2 or -3) I opted to wear a fleece mid layer underneath, this did make it slightly more snug but there is still plenty of movement and breathability in the jacket.

Movement - being a climbing jacket you want unrestricted movement, in the Tsunami you get exactly that! Unfortunately due to Lockdown measures in the UK I have been unable to actually test it climbing so this will have to wait till later in the year but other activities like throwing a ball use similar motions and these were all unrestricted, thanks to the ergonomic design.


Zipper - The zipper can be a challenge, I find being a double zip means when undone they ride up slightly, resulting in a challenge when you try to zip it up. Now when I put it on I pull the bottom zip down but it can still be a pain.

Climbing shoe pockets - For me these don't really work and it feels very uncomfortable whilst wearing the jacket. I tested this with my Scarpa Vapour Vs, they are a size 8.5 so an average size climbing shoe but they dig in so I don't see this feature being used very much.


The OCÚN Tsunami jacket is an excellent jacket that I would highly recommend. It packs up small and is lightweight so can be carried in a day bag easily, comfortably tight but still able to have mid layers underneath, it is a great option for climbers, mountaineers or hikers with their dogs. The only snags being the snaggy zip and the interesting new concept

that isn't perfect yet

Available from: Amazon - Mens

- Barney found it comfortable too!

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